Collaboration Feedback

Collaboration Feedback from Laban Dancer

The unit X project is about collaborating outside of the Art School.  I could not have wished for a better response from one of the dancer's at Laban who worked with me and gave a beautiful and exciting response to my work.  See below the feedback from Cathy, a passionate performer and fellow collaborator.

Cathy Burfield

I found out about Annie's project via the Trinity Laban email feed.
As a devoted student of Laban's ideas and methods I was immediately attracted to her project. I have been fascinated to hear of her own unique discovery and exploration into Laban's work; Someone from such a different entry point from mine able to assimilate and discuss his complex theories then embody them within a structure.
The meeting of the structure in dance was exciting and exploratory.....something that I am sure Laban himself would have approved of. As her collaborators, having given us her contribution, she allowed us, both dancers and photographer, the freedom to improvise as we chose. In this way she enabled a much wider range of possibilities to emerge from the encounter thereby creating more questions than answers; in my opinion a successful outcome and one that hankers for further collaboration in the future.
Catherine Burfield