Trinity Laban Collaboration

Trinity Laban Conservatoire. London

Yanaelle Thiran

Yanaelle Thiran and Catherine Burfield

As part of my final assessment and collaboration, I organised a photo shoot at the trinity Laban dance conservatoire in London.  As my research started in the archive within the library at the school, I felt that it would be appropriate to photograph my large 3D structure in front of the iconic Laban dance school.  Permission was granted by the event manager Sylvia Ferreira.  I discussed my proposal with her and the outcomes that I was hoping to achieve, she kindly published my call out for dancers on their student notice board.  Within days I had 16 enthusiastic dancers wanting to take part in the project.  With limited time and little experience collaborating with performing artist, I narrowed it down to two dancers who were passionate about Laban’s work and were available on the dates that I could get to London.  An MA Creative Practice student who is studying at Laban who was also happened to be a professional photographer was also willing to collaborate.

The response was amazing, with little direction from myself both dancers understood the dynamics of the model and spoke in a language which translated Laban’s ‘A scale’ theory perfectly.  Given more time and experience, I would have liked to have involved more dancers, as I discovered the immense range of movements the dancers had.  They made the model come to life and the outcome of the whole collaboration between us all made the day successful.

Julia Testa photographer
Annie French with small prototype.