Diary of the New York Research Trip

New York Diary

The annual textile study trip to New York

Sunday 12th March  6am meet at terminal 2 Manchester Airport
26 textile students 1 mature creative practice student     
3 tutors.
ETA Newark NYC 3PM.

Monday 13th March
                   Biggest snow blizzard forecasted in ten years!
                   National emergency predicted for tomorrow.
                   Visit to say thanks to Dance Notation   
                   Bureau, Wall St. for their support over the  
                   last year.
                   Mei put in touch with the her tutor Valerie
                   Williams at the Ohio State university as a
                   contact, with the possibility of exhibiting in
                   their gallery.
Mei-Chen Lu
 Tuesday 14th March  
                     Snow arrived over night, studio visits
                     cancelled. Stay in the warm or venture out like
                     a stupid tourist?
Side Walk
Room with a view

                   Ventured out to pick up tickets for the Paul
                 Taylor's modern dance performance at the Lincoln
                 Centre. Thanks to Doris Caravaglia from the DNB for
                 giving me two tickets for tonight's performance.

Wednesday 15th March
8:30 start, busy day ahead.                     
Maharam Textiles. This is my second visit to these designers.  Beautiful working environment and  fantastic colour library.  What amazed me was that designers can spend up to two years creating a design, the level of detail in the choice of pattern and colour is very precise. What I've take from this visit is clean down Fridays, work areas need to be uncluttered! First thing when I get back is to clean my studio space.
Thursday 16th March

1PM  WGSN 229 West 43rd Street

The World's Trend Authority

We define what’s next so you can make smarter decisions today. Our global trend forecasters and data scientists obsessively decode the future to provide the authoritative view on tomorrow. With experts in every major continent we build locally sourced, globally relevant content including daily trend intelligence, retail analytics, consumer insights and bespoke consultancy services.

For mainstream high street designers and shops I can see the benefits of this service.  However for innovation and quality it needs talented individuals to create our future not corporate management companies.

3PM Judy Ross. 41 Union Square West

Another great visit to Judy's studio. Great to see how her work has developed over the last year.  She now has a licensing agreement with a national textile company.  She discussed the pros and cons of this relationship and the work involved.
Judy Ross

4PM Kova Textiles 32 Union Square East

This was one of my favourite studio visits.  As a mature student with several careers under my belt, meeting a mature designer who is still going strong when most of her peers would be happy claiming their pension was a real inspiration.  Her entrepreneurial spirit was amazing, creating yarns and gaining large contracts in New York and still traveling the world in search of inspiration.