Fortuny Factory

Fortuny Factory – Venice

 On a recent visit to Venice, I had the opportunity to visit the Fortuny Factory and design laboratory.
The enormous library of printed fabrics and the many colour ways was overwhelming.  My usual interest into the history behind the designer was the greatest pull for me.  Mariano Fortuny was born into a family of renowned artists in Granada, Spain in 1874. In 1889 his family moved to Venice, where he established himself for the rest of his career.
I could not help but to see the similarities with Rudolf Laban, Fortuny was an industrious man.  First a painter, then an etcher, a sculpture, a photographer, an architect and an inventor.
 On display was a lamp he designed, which in shape was very similar to Laban’s structures that defined his movement theory.  Looking closely at the design and structure of his lamps, has helped me to resolve my own construction problems that I have encountered with my embroidery piece.
Fortunys Lamp
Going away over the Easter break turned out to be a success.  I have learnt that switching off from your work and resting is important, in order to bring back fresh eyes in order to solve problems.                                                         

Interesting fixing points